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Legislative Priorities

Kansas Area Agencies on Aging
2013 Public Policy Goals

As advocates, the 11 Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) in Kansas, collectively serve all 105 counties in the state.  To meet the needs of Kansans requesting long term services and supports, the AAAs advocate for the following:

1)  The Senior Care Act = Smart Decision

Reasons why the Senior Care Act program makes good business sense.

►     State funded Senior Care Act services help keep people in their homes.  Senior Care Act provides basic care such as attendant care, homemaker, case management and respite care; the keys to allowing a person to stay in the community and to avoid entering the more expensive Medicaid system.

►     State funded Senior Care Act services help keep people off of Medicaid.  Without availability of funding for in-home services, seniors will do without services or enter nursing homes.  Within months of entering the nursing home, many seniors spend down their resources and become Medicaid eligible.

►     The Senior Care Act program includes a sliding scale fee. A sliding scale fee means Senior Care Act customers pay for a portion of the services that they receive, based on their income.

►     Nursing Home Care vs. Senior Care Act Services


Avg Nursing Home Care Cost:

Avg Senior Care Act Services Cost:

$ 3,564 monthly per person

(All funds-SFY2012)

$ 180 monthly per


(SGF - SFY2012)

2)  Full funding of the Nutrition programs

The 11 Area Agencies on Aging recognize the importance of nutrition programs for seniors and persons with

disabilities and we support current funding levels.  It is important to know that state funds are highly leveraged with funding from federal and local sources and with  donations from nutrition participants.  In addition, thanks to hundreds of volunteers who provide thousands of hours of service in communities throughout the state,  nutrition program costs are held in check in spite of increasing demand and increasing food and fuel costs.

3)  Base funding of the Older Kansans Employment Program (OKEP)

The OKEP provides specialized training, career assessment, job-matching and job search assistance to Kansans age 55 and older regardless of their income and facilities the development of job opportunities for older Kansans in private industry.

4) Full funding of the $1.5 million request for Essential Base funding for Area Agencies on Aging

The 11 Area Agencies on Aging lead change to improve the lives of Kansans, their families and caregivers by coordinating long term services and supports and stretching taxpayer dollars.  In SFY2009, the AAA requested $1.5 million of Essential Base funding to assist in covering the cost of coordinating services today and in the future.  Essential Base funding of $750,000 was appropriated by the legislature for one year and eliminated in SFY2010, due to the economic crisis.

►     Base funding allowed Area Agencies on Aging to make home visits to customers, providing a complete assessment of needs.

►     Base funding enabled Area Agencies on Aging to provide outreach efforts for Medicare insurance counseling and Medicare Part D enrollment.

Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRC) - In September 2012, the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services contracted for a phase one Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC).  A fully functioning ADRC is a trusted and visible place for Kansans of varying ages, disabilities, and income levels to receive essential unbiased information about long term services and supports (LTSS), one Kansan at a time.  This first phase is a big step toward Kansans being better educated and informed about their LTSS options.

We are extremely pleased to announce that the eleven not-for-profit Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) have successfully joined together to implement the first step of a state-wide ADRC.   As the state-wide ADRC, the current mission of the AAAs has been greatly enhanced to provide Kansans of varying ages, disabilities, and income levels with essential unbiased information about long term services and supports.

Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) provide and coordinate many services for Kansas seniors, including assessments for community-and-facility-based services, information and referral, options counseling and case management for non-Medicaid services.  The AAA network receives funding from federal, state, and local governments, and is locally administered.

Kansas Area Agencies on Aging are part of a national network of 629 AAAs and 246 Title VI organizations.  Area Agencies on Aging were established under the Older Americans Act (OAA) in 1973 to respond to the needs of seniors and caregivers in every local community.


We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss these issues with you.

Inquiries may be directed to your local AAA/ADRC Director or:

Janis DeBoer, AAA Advocate and ADRC Administrator at 785.267.1336

PSA 01
Wyandotte-Leavenworth AAA/ADRC

Ruth Jones, Director
Kansas City, KS
913-573-8531 / 1-888-661-1444

PSA 02
Central Plains AAA/ADRC

Annette Graham, Director
Wichita, KS
316-660-7298 / 1-800-367-7298

PSA 03
Northwest KS AAA/ADRC

Michelle Morgan, Director
Hays, KS
785-628-8204 / 1-800-432-7422

PSA 04
Jayhawk AAA/ADRC

Jocelyn Lyons, Director
Topeka, KS
785-235-1367 / 1-800-798-1366

PSA 05
Southeast KS AAA/ADRC

John Green, Director
Chanute, KS
620-431-2980 / 1-800-794-2440

PSA 06
Southwest KS AAA/ADRC

Dave Geist, Director
Dodge City, KS
620-225-8230 / 1-800-742-9531

PSA 07
East Central KS AAA/ADRC

Elizabeth Maxwell, Director
Ottawa, KS
785-242-7200 / 1-800-633-5621

PSA 08
North Central Flint Hills AAA/ADRC

Julie Govert Walter, Director
Manhattan, KS
785-776-9294 / 1-800-432-2703

PSA 09
Northeast KS AAA/ADRC

Karen Wilson, Director
Hiawatha, KS
785-742-7152 / 1-800-883-2549

PSA 10
South Central KS AAA/ADRC

Jodi Abington, Director
Arkansas City, KS
620-442-0268 / 1-800-362-0264

PSA 11
Johnson Co AAA/ADRC

Dan Goodman, Executive Director
Olathe, KS
913-715-8800 / 1-888-214-4404

Kansas Aging & Disability Resource Center 1-855-200-ADRC (2372)


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