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AAA Fact Sheet

The Area Agencies on Aging in Kansas are part of a national network of 629 AAAs and 246 Title VI organizations, which are the designated leaders on aging issues at the local level. Area Agencies on Aging established under the Older Americans Act (OAA) in 1973 to respond to the needs of seniors and caregivers in every local community. In Kansas, Area Agencies on Aging are the “single points of entry,” that coordinate the delivery of publicly funded community-based services for older adults and caregivers. The AAAs are administered locally with federal, state and local funding resources. Service delivery decisions are made at the community level: often in the private homes of the seniors who need those services.

The AAA’s primary responsibilities include the following:

  • Promote person-directed care
  • Serve as a community planning agency to improve community services to seniors
  • Act as an advocate for seniors
  • Provide services which help seniors remain in the community and avoid unnecessary or premature moves from their homes
  • Develop coalitions and networks of support for seniors and their caregivers to avoid or reduce the need for publicly funded services
  • Coordinate services in its geographic area and manage its service area effectively and efficiently
  • Help seniors live happier and more active lives through prevention and intervention


AAAs provide services that fall into five broad categories:

                • Information and Access services
                • Community Services
                • In-Home services
                • Housing
                • Elder Rights

Area Agencies on Aging are ready to help in communities across the state with planning, coordinating, and providing person-centered services to older adults. Services such as home delivered meals and a range of in-home services make independent living a viable option.


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