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Organizations for Visual Impairments

Check here for the many blind organizations that support people with blindness or vision impairment, including visually impaired children. Some associations for the blind provide support groups, others focus on advocacy and outreach, while others may offer information on things like assistive technology and assistive devices, service animals, and other supports for independent living.

American Blind Skiing Foundation: ABSF is committed to serving visually impaired children & adults, giving them the opportunities and experiences that build confidence & independence that can last a lifetime.

American Council of the Blind: Founded in 1961 to provide increased quality of life for people with visual impairment. Publishes the Braille Forum, which has a readership of about 26,000. Services include: scholarships to individuals with visual impairments. consulting, government monitoring, public education, and more.

Assistive Technology Fund: Administered by the Association of Blind Citizens, the fund will cover 50% of the for adaptive software and devices. Grant requests are submitted to the ABC. Applicants must be legally blind.

Discovery Blind Sports: Discovery is dedicated to fostering self-sufficiency in blind and visually impaired children and adults by improving their mobility, confidence, independence, and social skills through involvement in physical activities.

Foresight Ski Guides: The generous support of Vail Resorts, award-winning guides, Colorado businesses and volunteers make snow sports accessible to blind and visually impaired participants from around the world each year.

Guide Horse Foundation: Guide horses provide an alternative type of service animal for the blind/visually impaired who may be allergic to dogs or want a service animal with a longer lifespan. The Guide Horse Foundation is dedicated to providing the blind/visually impaired with guide horses at no cost. Handlers are even provided with on-site training with their guide horse.

International Blind Sports Association: The International Blind Sports Federation mission is to further develop and promote sports for the blind and visually impaired and are committed to providing assistance to our national member organizations in all five continents.

National Federation of the Blind: At 50,000 members, the National Federation of the Blind offers vast services including several youth programs. Website provides description of products and technology, information geared toward multiple demographics including: employers, diabetics, seniors, students, professionals, family members, etc. Includes the National Organization of Parents of Blind Children.

United States Association of Blind Athletes: The United States Association of Blind Athletes enhances the lives of individuals who are blind or have visually impairments by providing the opportunity for participation in sports and physical activity.


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