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Disability and the Arts

Through these organizations, artists with disabilities can turn to wonderful programs such as the national and local ones offered by VSA arts, or can locate opportunities for wheelchair dance, or can connect with other people with disabilities who simply want to experience the joy of creating or performing art.

Ablevision is a program produced by people with disabilities. Its mission is to promote awareness of stories from the disability community.

Alliance for Inclusion in the Arts
The Alliance for Inclusion in the Arts is dedicated to advocacy for diversity (culture, race, and disability) in American film, theatre, and television.

AXIS Dance Company
AXIS Dance Company choreographs and performs integrated contemporary dance, using dancers with and without disabilities.

disTHIS! Film Series
disTHIS! presents contemporary and thought-provoking films about living with a disability.

I AM PWD is dedicated to increasing awareness of and advancing the careers of performers with disabilities. I AM PWD's goal is "Inclusion is the arts and media of people with disabilities."

National Arts and Disability Center
NADC advocates for the inclusion of artists and audiences with disabilities into the arts community.

National Institute of Art & Disabilities
NIAD runs an art program that encourages independence, creativity, community integration and dignity for people with disabilities.

National Theatre of the Deaf
NTD performs theatrical productions of literature using a collaboration of American Sign Language and the spoken word.

PHAMALY's mission is to enable persons with disabilities to showcase their talents and abilities through live productions and to make the performing arts more accessible to everyone.

Quest: Arts for Everyone
Quest is dedicated to using art to enhance equality and understanding among all people.

Society for Disability Studies
SDS advocates for the study of disability in cultural, poilcital, and social contexts.

Sweet Relief
Sweet Relief, based in the UK, is a musicians' fund dedicated to providing financial assistance to career musicians affected by disability, illness, or age-related issues.

The Miracle Project
A music theater and video arts program for children with disabilities and their siblings and peers.

VSA arts
VSA arts is an international, nonprofit organization founded in 1974 by Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith to create a society where all people with disabilities learn through, participate in and enjoy the arts.


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